L georges Coney Island

L georges Coney Island

March 11, 2020

The Lunch Cafeteria

Alyssia Starks

March 10, 2020

I think that our lunchroom should have better lunch choices like sometimes we have the same thing two days in a row and sometimes the food is uncooked or burnt and most people are tired of have the same food everyday and it's...

Maurice Wincher


March 9, 2020

  This week we are doing a get to know me. The person we are doing this week is Maurice Wincher. Maurice is a 13 year, 7th grade boy who goes to Stevenson Middle School. He lives with his mom and dad in Westland. His ...

Style Of The Week

Emileigh Alley, writer

March 9, 2020

Is Vsco still In Style?   People say VSCO is still in style but is it really? Yes people wear scrunchies and use hydro-flasks, but people don't go around saying sksksk and I oop or save the turtles. So Yes VSCO is stil...

Career Corner Teaching

Autor Garcia

March 6, 2020

Do you ever focus on what your career will be? This week we are going to have teaching! Teaching can be a fun and beneficial career to have. You could be an elementary teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, or maybe e...

Should we rebuild the restrooms?

Joseph Ogelle, writer

March 5, 2020

            Restrooms at Stevenson are a big mess. The restroom doors are not always locked, and there are some broken locks that can't even lock. There are bad behaviors in the restroom. Students are not even putting t...

Pride In The Classrooms

Danielle Jackson

March 5, 2020

This month with our R.A.P.S awards the topic is called, Pride In Our Classrooms. Here is what I feel that pride in our classroom means. It means when you are doing work and a teacher wants to use it. As an example, you should b...

School Trafficking!

Honesti Watson, writer

March 4, 2020

                                 Has traffic... Ever been bad for you at your school? Maybe people don't know how to drive or maybe they are rushing and cutting in front of people to get ...

Mrs. Mccomb

Mrs. Mccomb

March 3, 2020