No Bully Zone

Emileigh Alley

February 13, 2020

         Are you tired of getting in trouble for someone hitting you and you hit them back or yell at them back. Well I interviewed a whole bunch of people and they all pretty much said the same things like “tell a teac...


Abby Larsch

February 13, 2020

Spring Photo Day!  Please take this short survey to help us determine your Spring Photo needs. Thank you!...

Oscars Recap 2020

Maurice Wincher

February 12, 2020

  This year's Oscars were worth a watch on Sunday knowing that anybody can win an Oscar. And here are the winners for that. First up we have “Best picture.” The nominations were 1917, The Irishman, The Joker, Little Women, Marria...

Showing Accountability In The Hallway

Kalia Brintley

February 12, 2020

          This month's RAPS at Stevenson Middle School is accountability in the hallway. I asked a few students how they think kids should act in the hallway and how they were acting. They think that kids were being disr...

Stevenon’s Spelling Bee Updates

Kristina Williams

February 11, 2020

Congratulations to all the spelling bee top finale competitors, but the Competition of the spelling bee has finally come to an end for the top 8 Stevenson spelling bee winners . Franklin's 8th grader won for the entire school...

Valentines Day Dance

Kalia Brintley

February 11, 2020

On this Valentine's Day at Stevenson Middle School there will be a Raps reward party. Raps stands for Respect, Accountability, Pride, and Safety. We have different rewards every month for the people who show Raps. This month's ...

Bug Awards

Emileigh Alley

February 10, 2020

   At Stevenson Middle School there are many bright students, out of 818 students there have been 30 selected students that have a GPA of 4.0. Bug awards for the 4.0 students are happening on Tuesday February 4th. These stu...

Family Prom Night

February 7, 2020

Family Prom Night    Do you like hanging out with your family? Well if you do, this is the perfect night for you. Family prom night is going to be  at Jefferson barns community center on Friday February 14 2020 from 6:...

Spirit Week


February 7, 2020

Here at Stevenson Middle School we have a spirit week and here is what it is for: Next week on Monday, 10, 2020 we have Hawaiian day. On next Tuesday, we have sports day. On next Wednesday, is wacky Wednesday (what you do is wear...

FEMA Is Now Accepting Youth Preparedness and Council Applications

Joel Disbrow

February 7, 2020

2020_YPC_Flyer (1 ) YPC_Application_Promotion Kit_2020.01.23 Do you know a teenager interested in disaster preparedness or community service? The Federal Emergency Management Agency is now accepting applications for the Youth Preparedness Council! The National Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) provides ...

Counseling Week

Kobe Wallace

February 6, 2020

This past week was "National Counseling Week". So in appreciation of counselors I asked a few of them at my school. First I asked Ms.Reinink. She said that counseling week was for ,"The impact and importance that counselors have...