Joseph Ogelle

         With over 110,000 cases and 4,000+ deaths of coronavirus around the world. The World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 is a pandemic. There are only 1,000+ cases in the U.S. and only 30+ deaths. Washington State, California, and New York have the most cases with over 100. Washington State has the most deaths in the U.S. There are already some schools closing for weeks or a month. Some schools in New York and Washington State are closed for cleaning. There is online schooling for  schools. Italy is already on lockdown and all the schools are closed for a month. The risks are still low in Michigan. There are 2 confirmed cases in Michigan. One in Oakland county and one in Wayne County. If there are cases in near Westland, the schools should close for cleaning. If any students who are sick should stay home because if they go to school, other students will get the virus. Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that there will be a state of emergency.

         When students cough or sneeze, they have to cover their mouth with their bended elbow. There are little droplets that will go into the air that people can’t see. If they cough or sneeze with their hands, they will spread by touching anything. Germs will go on their hands. Students should receive hand sanitizer so they won’t put the germ on their food while they eat. There would be less students in each class. The desks should be 3 feet apart. Students should wash their hands for 20 seconds.