Why you Shouldn’t Run in Target

Paige Holland

This story is mostly talking about safety and not running. Kobe Wallace, a student here at Stevenson Middle School, was running in a local Target on Sunday, March 8, and he harmed himself. Abby Larsch, and Paige Holland, more  students at Stevenson were in this situation too. See, both Abby and Kobe were hiding from Paige as a joke, as Paige was turning the corner Kobe began to run to make sure she didn’t see him, then tripped, fell, and hurt himself pretty bad. He hurt his left knee and his right ankle. Abby ran into Kobe and fell too, she did not hurt herself though. After Paige caught up they all laughed it off and are now fine.

 The point is that you should always be careful and not run in public places or crowds, there can be obstacles or people to trip over and you can hurt yourself. Be safe!