L georges Coney Island

Raymond Williams

   L George’s Coney Island is a restaurant that serves lunch, dinner, Brunch, and breakfast all day long. It has pancakes, french toast, omelets, fries, burgers, and more! It has a variety of food and it’s great. The food is cooked great and is fresh and hot when you get it. My favorite thing to get is  French toast, bacon, and eggs any time of the day. There are many places in Michigan like Canton, Detroit, Wayne, Westland and more. 

    They also deliver on grubhub, postmates, Uber-Eats, and DoorDash and you can order on the phone or online but you have to pick it up in person. It is expensive on 3 of those but postmates is cheaper but they all still have delivery fees and other fees too. Grubhub is more expensive with 5-18$ food range + fees. The Food is awesome and