NHD Comp. Who moved on??

Danielle Jackson

People that are moving on for NHD: 



Hannah Murdoch, Kaylee Remington, Regan Neely (8th Grade)

Julia Riopelle (8th Grade)


Group Website

Ashley Henn, Rebecca Haner (8th Grade)

Katrina Luzadas, Sophia Lin (8th Grade)

Cole Neely, Trevor Whitaker, Evan Brinkmeier (8th Grade)


Individual Website

Kiersten West (8th Grade)

Matthew Dowling (8th Grade)


Group Documentary

Chloe Templeton – Eagle, Cloey Samples (7th Grade)

Daniel Pelack, Amiya Perez, Jolene Tran (8th Grade)


Individual Documentary

Savannah Holland (7th Grade)

Bryce Fallows (8th Grade)

Savannah Brinkmeier (8th Grade)


Group Exhibit

Marryna Allen, Lizzy Fall, Rania Alshaikh (8th Grade)



Individual Exhibit

Danielle Jackson (7th Grade)



Alainna Garrett (8th Grade)

Skyla Riopelle (8th Grade)




I Interviewed two girls that moved on to states for NHD here is that they said. The first girls name is Regan  and here is what she said. “I like how we were able to explore topics instead of our teachers picking them out for us.” “I like how we got to go through this place and see all of the unrecognized people and what they have done for us.” “This was not a very hard process I expected it to be harder.” Regan is looking forward to going to states.


The next girl I talked to is named Kaylee Remington and here is what she said about NHD Competition…. “I liked it because it gave us a chance to be creative and show and prove what we know about this person that broke barriers.” “ Kaylee wanted to do NHD because the chance from last year was not given to her.” Kaylee is looking forward to go to states.