Mr. Wagner Teacher Feature

Kalia Brintley

At Stevenson Middle School we have a teacher named  Mr. Wagner. Mr.Wagner has been teaching for 13 years all together and he loves teaching students. Mr. Wagner teaches 8th grade ELA and also hte teaches Journalism and Broadcasting. He also coaches the 8th grade Girl’s Basketball team.

    “I like teaching because I like seeing the kids succeed,” Mr. Wagner said. “I like  teaching them something new and the interaction with the kids.”  This is his 3rd year teaching at Stevenson and his 2nd school he is teaching at in his career. He previously taught in Detroit at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School 

     The reason he likes teaching at Stevenson is that it is closer to his home and he enjoys the students and staff, but he also enjoyed his old school. He chose to take over broadcasting because the old teacher was leaving and he thought it would be cool to teach something new. The reason he chose to do Journalism is before he was a teacher he was a Journalist and had a degree for Journalism so he thought it would be awesome to share his experience with the kids. 

Before Mr. Wagner was a teacher, he was a Journalist. He wrote for a lot for newspaper companies, and magazines.  He has 3 kids, a wife, and a dog. When Mr. Wagner is not teaching in his free time he likes to golf, spend time with family, go to sporting events with his kids, and in the summer he likes going to the lake. He currently lives in Canton, Michigan, but was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University. 

Mr. Wagner is a great teacher at Stevenson Middle School and Stevenson is very thankful to have him as a teacher !