Saint Patrick’s Day

Maurice Wincher

Many people think that Saint Patrick’s day is about this little leprechaun coming into people’s houses trying to steal gold coins. But some people don’t know what Saint Patrick’s Day is really about. Especially little kids. So here is the history and the truth about Saint Patrick’s Day. Many people don’t know that Saint Patrick’s isn’t just called Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s also called the Feast of Saint Patrick! Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on the 17th of March. And it’s the traditional death of the one and only Saint Patrick. But in general, it was mostly a heritage and a culture of the irish. That mostly explains why everybody wears green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s day was celebrated in Ireland. And the cool thing is people who live in Ireland still celebrate it in Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day! As we all know, Saint Patrick’s day symbol is of course a Shamrock for the simple fact that it’s mostly green everywhere for the holiday. But the story behind the wearing green effect is kinda surprising. According to the Christian Science Monitor, In the early 1700’s irish americans supposedly brought into wearing green made one invisible to leprechaun’s! That’s crazy because kids sometimes do that when trying to catch the imaginary leprechaun.

Saint Patrick’s Day is A wonderful tradition for the celebration of life of Saint Patrick himself. But sadly, There was going to be a parade for the holiday. But unfortunately because of the coronavirus spreading, we won’t be able to have it. But Saint Patrick’s day should be a good day for the kids out there. Happy Patrick’s Day!