Dave Chappelle Sticks And Stones Review

Kobe Wallace

Sticks And Stones is amazing. Dave Chappelle is still the king of stand up comedy.

It feels like Dave Chappelle has been in his prime since 2003 and still is in his absence. He comes back hitting hard with the audience holding their stomachs laughing. He never fails to make all the fans happy and filled with joy. His jokes have still been up to date and funny.

Even his other specials that came out before this were still funny and can never be copied. Dave Chappelle can never be copied. He is truly one of a kind. Many of his comedian friends have said that they can never even hope to be as funny as Chappelle. Even newcomers to Dave’s comedy can watch Sticks And Stones and still understand who he is as a comedian.

In other words nobody can ever top Dave Chappelle’s level of comedy.