Mrs. Mccomb

Maurice Wincher

Kathleen Mccomb Is a librarian at Stevenson Middle School. Before coming to Stevenson Middle School, She was working at several schools. She used to work at Marshall Upper Elementary, Franklin, Adams, And of course Stevenson. Although she is a librarian At Stevenson, Mrs. Mccomb teaches many things other than being a librarian and making sure books are due on time. She teaches technology skills, citation skills, genre skills, tasting skills, and surprisingly, sometimes American history. Although the simple fact that she’s a Liberian at Stevenson Middle School, She was already a Librarian before coming at Stevenson Middle School. And she is busy worker at the school. She’s so busy that she works all hours like first second hour, third hour, etc. But she doesn’t work for A lunch. And she’s been working here for about 14 years in Stevenson Middle School. Mrs. Mccomb has been a very good Librarian. And I hope she has a very good time being a Librarian at Stevenson Middle School. And she works at media center in the 300 hallways. And she might be a busy worker, but she sometimes won’t be here every day of the week. She won’t be here Tuesdays, and she teaches on Wednesday. Thanks, Mrs. Mccomb.