Is Too Much Technology Stopping Students From Learning?

Raymond Williams

Is too much technology bad for students 


       Some teachers and parents think that their kids

are spending a lot of time on their cell phones, computers, video games and TV. And people think all that time on technology is hurting students learning in the class and at home. A survey shows that 92% of college students used their phones to text in class and at least 6 different universities had 

college students report using their phone at least 11 times during class also.


           Several studies have compared students who texted during a lecture versus those who did not.’’Those who texted frequently took lower quality notes, retained less information, and did worse on tests about the material”Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning says. Another survey says 80% of students agreed that using their phone in class decreased their attention on the teacher. People don’t use their time at home and they play on their phones,video games, or watch TV instead of doing their homework




I think that technology is disturbing students learning in class. But it can be boring during class and in between class so you need something to do. You could at least use your phone when you’re done and you have to have a way for them to not use it. And you can let them use it for like a reward too but limit their usage. Overall too much technology can distract a student if they are thinking about  what they watched on TV last night.