Birds of Prey: And The Fabulous Long Name That No One Remembers

Joel Disbrow

             Let’s face it, who thought Margot Robbie was a good Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad? Not many people think she was a good Harley Quinn and I’m one of those people who agree with the hate. Although, I thought Suicide Squad was a decent movie, I dislike Bird of Prey. Birds of Prey has too many cliches, a bad plot, cheesy acting, is trying to be as great as a success as Deadpool (and fails at that),has too much dumb luck into the movie, and has a message that says everyone can do anything that does not work into the movie. Birds Of Prey isn’t even its full name! Its full name is Birds of Prey: and The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. Anyways, Birds of Prey has a lot to talk about and should be teached at a film school not what to do with a superhero movie. 


              The plot of Birds of Prey is when Harley Quinn breaks up with Joker, she is shocked. People then realise that Harley Quinn is now open and ready to get payback for all the things Harley Quinn has done to people now that she doesn’t have Joker to protect her. Two people in particular, Black Mask (played by Ewan Mcgregor) and Victor Zsasz (played by Chris Messina) are after Harley Quinn. Black Mask’s problem with Harley is that she beated up his driver after his driver insults her. Anyways, Black Mask kidnaps Harley and Black Mask also has another problem on his hands. His problem is that a diamond that’s very expensive is missing and he wants to get rich from it. Harley Quinn offers to help find the diamond and he lets her free, but with a couple thousand dollars to go with the diamond to whoever finds it first. A kid robber robs a guy that has the diamond and for some reason, she swallows it in a cop car. Harley finds the kid and becomes friends over time. 

               One plot hole in this movie is that they never give an explanation why Joker and Harley broke up. It makes you just guess and that’s not a very strong concept in the movie. The whole movie is the domino effect from the break up, not just some side story! But there is a positive about that. It makes you wonder a little bit and question why they broke up. There’s also probably some theory out there why the broke up and that probably explains it. 


               Another positive about this movie is the humor. There’s some good things about the humor, but more negatives in the humor. The humor is trying too much to be the movie Deadpool in some ways as well, but it was effective in some ways. For example, when someone died in the movie, there was sometimes a joke. I thought that was interesting how they did that. 


             Overall, there’s more negatives than positive. I give this movie another F (0/10).