My Favorite Stand Up Comedians

Kobe Wallace

      Stand up comedy, one of the best forms of entertainment. There are many people who are legends and will always be hilarious on the stage. But these people are my favorite and make me excited when I see a new special. My listings will be in chronological order. First I will talk about Joe Rogan. Sometimes Joe Rogan can be funny but other times he can just be loud and bombastic. Sometimes his jokes are hilarious other times he just talks about the same thing over and over again. So I’d say Joe Rogan is an average comedian. He is very well known for other things. 

        Next on my favorites in stand up comedy is Bill Burr. Bill Burr I think is better than Joe Rogan but not as well known. But he is very funny. But he just kinda stands there not doing any sort of action. But he makes up for that by hilarious comedy. He also kind of talks about the same things but about what’s new in that certain topic. He is without a doubt one of my favorite comedians of all time.

         Next up Kevin Hart. Probably the most well known and best paid. He is without one of the best comedians. He has a certain presence on the stage that no one can really describe. It’s basically as soon as you see him you are ready to laugh. He has evolved through his career he mainly used to talk about the same things but now he talks about many different topics and many new stories to share. He has recently been visiting comedy clubs and wants to go on tour again.

         Last but not least perhaps the greatest of all time,Dave Chappelle. His groundbreaking show “The Chappelle Show” changed comedy forever. It put him on the map for stand up comedy and fame. He is not for people who are sensitive. He tells a lot of offensive jokes but they are very funny and well thought out. He will always be known as the man who changed comedy forever and was always the best at it. In other words Dave Chappelle is a comedy genius.