Opinions On Winning The Basketball Game

Danielle Jackson, Writer


                      I asked a couple of girls on the 7th grade basketball team about how they felt about their first win. The first girl I talked to was #25 Kaylyn, she felt very happy because she made a 2 point layup in the game. Kaylyn did not like it when the other team kept calling “fouls” and they kept giving the other team free throws. She just loved the scores when we kept gaining, then soon enough they got higher. Also Kaylyn did not like how when they got free throw that they got 2 but when our team got free throws we only got one. 


                     The next girl that I talked to was named Brooklyn #22 here is some things that she didn’t like. Brooklyn did not like it when she received the ball all of the pressure ended up being on her. She mentioned that she loved the experiences of winning her first game, but for her it was very good in the middle of the game it was very challenging at the beginning. Again she also did not like it when the other team got 2 free throws and we only got 1. She loves working with the team that she is very happy that she is close with her team mates. 


                   I also talked to Nia that scored the winning point here is how she felt about the game. She said “ I felt like a bald eagle running down the court and scoring the last and winning point of the game.” She hopes that we have more games like the one that we had. She hopes that our teams effort stays the same throughout all of our games. Nia was glad that she brought the team up in the end of the last quarter.


                    I also added my opinion, I loved the feeling of walking down the hallway being a winner and me trying my best in that game. I really did love the feeling of showing sportsmanship towards others. I feel that our team did very good in our game. I just loved the feeling of riding home on the bus being a winner, when they got more free throws than us. Also some of their players did not have very good sportsmanship. Celebrating with the rest of my team. A couple things that I did not like was GOOD JOB 7TH GRADE GIRLS!!!!