Autor Garcia

This past weekend the XFL finished up they’re first week and it’s kinda different from are usual NFL. Here are some of the XFL rules. 


  • Players can’t move until the punt/kick returner gets the ball
  • No field goals after a Touchdown you can take a 1 point at the 2 yard line, 2 points at the 5 yard line, and 3 points at the 10. 
  • Double Forward pass where you can throw another pass if it was behind the line of scrimmage


The XFL has talented young players from everywhere. Some were undrafted, some used to play in the NFL. One of them being Marquette King, and he is one good kicker. He is fast and athletic with a good leg. Some day, I think the XFL might pass up the NFL. But at least the NFL ends in the first week of February and the XFL starts the week after. So we still can watch football but different rules. 

This league has a lot of potential and I think one day they are going to be great. And one day, I think it would be great to have two teams face off in the Pro Football championship with the NFL vs XFL like a pro bowl. The XFL plays this weekend a make sure to watch them and enjoy!!!