Super Bowl LIV


The Super bowl LIV was February 2, 2020. The San Francisco 49ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. In the first quarter, The Chiefs are up by four point lead in the first quarter with 7 points. While the 49ers are not off to a great start with a terrible quarter. The 49ers are falling off with only 3 points in the first quarter. So, mostly everybody is expecting San Francisco to be falling off in the 2nd quarter, or probably for the whole game. But somehow, some way, The 49ers will get a touchdown by Kyle Juszczyk. Earlier the chiefs scored 10 points. So, with that touchdown, The 49ers will tie the game up 10 to 10. After the halftime show, the score was still tied 10 to 10. The 49ers have the ball in their hands. But with some bad luck, The 49ers couldn’t make 1st and down. So, instead of punting the ball, The 49ers will attempt to make a 42 yard field goal. Lucky for San Francisco, they made the field goal. So with that field goal, now the score is 13 to 10.


In the third quarter, The 49ers were mostly hot in the 3rd quarter with an amazing pass to get to 1st and goal. And with a clean pass to Raheem Mostert, The 49ers will take the touchdown to make the score. 19 to 10. And with a field goal, San Francisco will change the core 20 to 10. But if you want to talk about a great Super Bowl win, the 4th quarter was worth watching for Chiefs fans.


The fourth quarter was a heck of a quarter for the Chiefs. But before the Chiefs could do something yet, The 49ers got an interception by a terrible throw by the Chiefs. The 49ers were celebrating so much that they were hoping for a Super Bowl. But before they knew it, The Chiefs got hot and were trying for a long pass to the touchdown. Although with a flag being made, Kansas City got 1st and goal and threw it to Travis Kelce for the touchdown. With the score of 17 to 20. Later on, The chiefs will get 1st and goal but couldn’t attempt to get the first two tries. But on 3rd on goal, The Kansas Chiefs will get a touchdown. Making the score 23 to 20. The Chiefs got an amazing comeback in the last minutes of the game. And with a field goal. And again the Chiefs got another touchdown by Damien Willams. Making that score 31 to 20. With that, The Chiefs win the Super Bowl. The MVP of the game was Patrick Mahomes. The chiefs with the amazing win got the Super Bowl win.